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Book you’ll love about:

Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the concept of machines with human-like intelligence and the implications of such technology.

Time Travel: Moving backward or forward in time is a popular sci-fi storyline, as it allows for a range of storytelling possibilities, from altering the past to exploring potential futures.

Space Exploration: The vastness of space and the mysteries it holds have long captured the imagination of sci-fi fans, making space exploration a perennial favorite.


Yeh, we go there:

Enemies to Lovers: This theme involves two characters who initially dislike or even hate each other but gradually fall in love over time.

Friends to Lovers: This stroyline features two characters who have been close friends for a long time, and then realize that they have deeper romantic feelings for each other.

Forbidden Love: This theme involves a romance that is taboo or socially unacceptable in some way. This can include relationships between people of different social classes, races, or religions, or relationships that are forbidden by law or social norms.

Coming Out: This theme centers on a character coming to terms with their sexuality and coming out to their friends and family. This provides an opportunity to explore the challenges and complexities of being LGBTQ+ in a society that may not fully accept or understand them.


We enjoy making you happy:

Bad boy/girl with a heart of gold – this theme features a character who has a tough exterior, but is actually kind and caring on the inside.

Love triangle – this storyline features a protagonist who is torn between two love interests.

Misleading relationship – this theme features two characters who pretend to be in a romantic relationship, but eventually fall in love for real.

Summer love – this theme features a romance that takes place during the summer, often at a beach or vacation destination.

High school romance – this storyline features a romance that takes place in a high school setting, with all the drama and angst that comes with it.

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